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Terms and Conditions


All lessons must be paid in advance, no lesson will commence unless payment has been received. Payment can now only be paid by bank transfer (details on request). Please make bank transfers the day before the lesson, this means that time isn´t wasted at the start of the lesson. Lessons are booked on a first come first served basis unless you have a regular lesson slot. Practical driving tests will take priority over any lesson, including regular bookings.


No charge

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) there will no longer be a fee for cancellation. Please cancel if you are showing any of the known symtoms: High temperature, persistent cough, loss of sense of taste or smell. You should also cancel if you´ve been in close proximity to anyone with any of these symtons.

Moving lessons to another day or time:

No charge

Changing to another day or time is subject to availability.

Changing the pick up or drop off point:

Provided it´s not too far from the original location, and I have time to get to the next lesson, I will do my best to accommodate you. Please give as much notice as possible, preferably a minimum of 24 hours.

Failing to turn up for a lesson and your fitness to drive:

If you fail to turn up for your lesson, every attempt will be made to contact you and I will wait for 10 minutes just in case you are running late. If you are late the lesson will still end at the set time.

If you turn up for a lesson and I consider that you are unsafe or unfit to drive due to symtoms consistent with Coronavirus (Covid-19), alcohol, drugs, eyesight problems or lack of sleep the lesson will be cancelled.

Please Note:

Due to the current situation, please wash your hand just before coming to the car. The car will be santized before you get into it, everything you may need to touch will have been cleaned.

I will no longer come to your door, please come to the car just before the lesson is due to start. There will be no handshake or any other form of physical contact before or after a driving lesson or after a successful driving test. In the event of accidental contact, me having to grab the steering wheel for example, hand sanitizer will be available.

Face masks will be required for both pupil and instructor. You are welcome to bring your own or I will provide a disposable mask at the start of the lesson before you enter the car. The mask must cover your nose and mouth and should not be removed until you have left the car. You should wash your hands after the lesson, if this is not possible I can supply hand sanitizer.

You should wear what ever you feel most comfortable in when you drive, however, because of the current situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19) it is important that you cover as much of yourself as possible, so please don´t wear shorts if at all possible. Short sleeve shirts or blouses are now permitted and skirts with tights are fine. You will also need suitable shoes that will enable you to operate the clutch, brake and accelerator with ease.

It is essential that your clothing and hands are not contaminated with anything that would leave the controls or seat covered in something that could cause damage to the car or leave it in an unfit state for the next pupi, e.g. excessive animal hair, oil, paint, petrol, diesel, mud, etc. You will be given time to to change or clean up if necessary but the lesson will still end on time. If you are unable to change or clean up the lesson will be cancelled.

Bags and belongings must now only be placed in the boot of the car, please allow me to open and close the boot. Your mobile phone should be switched off or on silent. You may answer calls or read texts only if the car is parked in a safe, legal and convenient position.

Although you are welcome to bring a drink with you, no food (including confectionery) is to be eaten in the car. The only exceptions are calming products (like Rescue Remedy), chewing gum, etc. Nothing, including chewing gum, must be thrown from the car. Please ask if you need a ´comfort break´ and we´ll find the nearest loo. Smoking breaks may be taken outside the car on request but the lesson will still end on time. It is against the law to smoke inside the car.

Every effort will be made to get you ready for your practical driving test as soon as possible and near to the end of you training, I will conduct a series of mock tests to determine whether or not you are test ready. However, if your mock test results show that you are not ready, your test will be moved to a more suitable date, subject to availability with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). This means that all test dates are considered to be provisional and therefore subject to change.

The pass mark for the practical test is no more than 15 driving faults (formerly minor faults). Any fault that the examiner considers to be serious or dangerous will result in a fail. In order for your test to go ahead you will be required to achieve a mock test result with no more than 8 driving faults. For most of my pupils this has not proved to be too difficult.

In the past you could ask your instructor, a member of your family or a friend to sit in the car during a driving lesson or your practical test but that is no longer the case, only you and the examiner will be in the car during your driving test.
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